Scheduling posts from your mobile device (Android)

Step 1: Select the Instagram account you'd like to schedule to

If you manage multiple Instagram accounts from Later:

  1.  Go to the Schedule tab on the Later app 
  2.  From the top menu select the social profile you'd like to schedule to. 

Step 2: Go to your Media Library 

Next go to the Media tab to select the photo you want to schedule

Step 3: Schedule your Post 

To schedule:

  1. Select the photo (you can schedule both used and unused media)
  2. tap Create Post.
  3. Add your caption, add a link for and Crop photo

If you're scheduling for Instagram use your Visual Instagram Planner to see what your post will look like!

Tip: Save your mostly commonly used hashtags or captions as a  Saved Caption so you can quickly add them in when scheduling. There's no need to type everything out again!