Plan your Instagram Feed with Visual Instagram Planner (Mobile & the Web)

Visual Instagram Planner

Curate a stellar Instagram feed by previewing your scheduled photos with your current feed, then with a simple drag and drop motion rearrange the order of the photos.

Tip: Save even more time by planning and scheduling your posts with your Visual Instagram Planner from Later on the web. 

Visual Instagram Planner On Mobile:

1. Go to the   Schedule tab and from the top menu select the Instagram account.

2. Select the Preview Option (List view just shows a list of the upcoming scheduled posts)

The grid will automatically show your existing Instagram feed and your scheduled posts (distinguished by the Instagram icon).

3. To edit the order of the photos  hold down on the photo and you'll enter "Edit Preview" mode. 

4. hold down on the photo and drag from left to right or top to bottom. 

5. Select the Check Mark in the top right corner to post to save the change.

Tip: If you tap down once more on the photo you can go into the post to edit the caption and crop. 

Visual Instagram Planner on The Web:

In two quick steps:

1. Create your own  AutoSchedule from Later on the web

2.  Preview, plan, and rearrange your photos from Preview

Note: Drag and drop Visual Instagram Planner is currently only available from Later on the web. Coming soon on the Later mobile app.